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Longarm Quilting Machine

Tamarack Shack Longarm Quilting is a professional quilting service that offers a range of quilting styles from edge to edge designs to custom quilting. My 2008 APQS Millennium Longarm machine is stitch regulated on a 12 foot long table allowing the maximum width of a quilt top that can be quilted on my machine to be 108″.

My prices are comparable to other longarmers and I offer a range of designs priced to suit your budget. The link to the price list can be found above.

Thread Selection

I carry a full range of Superior Threads as well as Quilters Dream Batting for my customers convenience. A full listing of the batting types is on the "Batting" page.

There are a few things you need to know when preparing your quilt top for a professional longarm service. Please check out "Preparing Your Quilt Top" for detailed instructions